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18 Sep 2008 14:37


Finally I have decided to start blogging. There are a few reasons: blogs are popular, a blog can be a place to publish my ideas and hopefully some people would read it and comment. A blog is something I have been missing for a long time — a lot of ideas come through my mind and without a single place to publish they are often lost either somewhere on forums, various websites, or even inside my own notebooks, never published on the net.

There are a few reasons I have decided to use Wikidot for blogging. And they are:

  • Wikidot has almost all features a blogger might need and a lot more.
  • If Wikidot is not suitable for demanding bloggers, this blog will discover the places for improvement.
  • I have initiated Wikidot and would like it to be promoted as much as possible.
  • I personally like Wikidot and all the powerful features it offers.

One more thing I really like about Wikidot is that you can make it to combine your data from various social portals, either by importing RSS feeds, or by placing widgets on the pages. I will certainly be write more about Wikidot itself later.

So just not to leave you with blurry vision, here is what I will be writing about within upcoming months:

  • - the online service, some behind-the-scene news, howtos and tips
  • life at Wikidot Inc. ;-)
  • Wikis and collaboration platforms in general
  • Social buzz 2.0 Analysis of the market
  • Reviews of things I find interesting
  • iPhone stuff
  • Some private stuff

Content will be for sure categorized using tags, but more about it later.

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