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12 Jan 2009 09:49

Yesterday I noticed a significant milestone of compared to

Wikidot has more pages than the english version of Wikipedia!

As of today:

  • 2 773 120 pages
  • (en): 2 683 000+ articles

The Wikipedia quote is taken directly from and I am not sure how many the "+" stand for.

Comparing Wikidot to Wikipedia would be bold for a couple of reasons, e.g.

  • Wikipedia is THE free online encyclopedia
  • Wikipedia has much more traffic to their pages
  • I am sure Wikipedia has more revisions per page, more content in pages
  • It is a completely different project with different goals

The raw comparison of number of pages points however the scale we are approaching in Wikidot. Piotr has a couple of great posts recently about scalability, search indexing and similar stuff related to Wikidot.

Tasks that are really simple when you have a couple of documents, like a wiki with 1 000 pages with a few visitors, can become extremely difficult when you have 3 million of documents and 3-4 million visitors each month, fetching pages 35 million times per month and making half million edits each month.

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