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02 Feb 2009 09:50

Habits are important for bloggers. And being a perfectionist is certainly a non-welcome for everyone who wish to publish a blog. Honestly, because I often like things to be perfect, this makes writing particularly difficult. But here is the thing - I am going to change it.

My problem with blogging is that I wanted to write a frequently updated blog with interesting and deep articles. And every day I had one or more great ideas, obviously worth writing about. But at the end of the day I never have time or strength to write long articles.

But it appears (thanks for feedback) that many of my readers would rather just read things more frequently instead of well-polished articles. And I think I will follow this direction.

From now on, my new resolution is to post every day. Not necessarily more. Just every day. A few ad-hoc rules are:

  • No minimum number of words in the article.
  • If I have nothing to say, I will not try to try. Instead I will link to resources I find interesting, but with at least a few words of comment.
  • I will try to keep this blog on topics: wikidot, programming etc., but anything else that catches my attention is also OK.
  • I will try to care more about proper English (thanks for help, Mom!), being a non-native speaker makes it more difficult.

I will start today.

So send me a bunch of nasty emails if you do not see at least 28 blog posts this month and at least one per day :-D

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