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Welcome to my blog — place for ideas, comments, interesting hacks and boring personal stuff. Enjoy!

7 apps that make jailbreaking the iPhone (still) worth it

30 Nov 2008 23:40

It looks like there are about 10 000 apps in the App Store now. But there are still a few very good reasons to jailbreak your iPhone. There are at least 7 applications that will never make it into the official App Store and available only through the jailbreaking process.

In the "old times" users of the firmware 1.x could only use either applications bundled by Apple (not too many, mostly Safari, Mail, Calendar, Calculator) or use "web apps" through the mobile Safari browser. Of course clever developers (hackers) found a way to install 3rd party apps on iPhones. It required the user to "jailbreak" the phone, often also combined with "unlocking" (making cellular network-independent). It is being estimated that about 10% of 1st generation iPhones were unlocked in the pre-3G era.


Tags: iphone jailbreak

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Would you send your kids to this preschool?

28 Nov 2008 08:20

The big sign says PRESCHOOL in Polish. Surely safe for kids ;-)

(If you do not get it yet, check out what Happy Tree Friends are)



Tags: funny kids picture

Comments: 4

Use the new Wikidot front theme on your Wiki in 5 easy steps

27 Nov 2008 08:55

Yesterday our team introduced a new design for our front page at We are getting many positive feedback about it. Thanks!

Many people were also asking us if it is possible to use the new theme on their own pages. Well, we are going to make a regular theme based on the new design, but if you are impatient and want to live on the bleeding-edge (like me) here is how I did it. No CSS knowledge is required and the result is instantaneous with just a few steps to complete.


The general idea is to create a new custom theme for Wiki and in the CSS definition import the CSS file from the front-page design. You will also need to add a few modifications, just copy&paste.


Tags: design howto tip wikidot

Comments: 2

Productive! Magazine

25 Nov 2008 08:22

A few days ago a friend of mine, Michał Śliwiński, released the first issue of the new Productive Magazine. Michał is the founder of NOZBE, a web application that helps you manage your to-do lists, tasks and projects in the Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy.



Tags: gtd productivity tips workplace

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Why I think the iPhone firmware 2.2 is (a bit) broken

22 Nov 2008 00:21

Today Apple has released new firmware v 2.2 for their iPhone. Of course immediately I have rushed to upgrade my phone, although I knew that I would loose my jailbreak and a few really useful apps (like Terminal, Scrobbler, Stumbler Plus and a few others).

Honestly I was tempted by the new wireless podcast download option — I am really tired of synchronizing over cable every morning to get the freshest episode of Buzz Out Loud to listen to it on my way to the office. In fact it really makes me mad that I need to connect the phone to my Mac to get new podcasts. Almost everyone hates it.

The blogs are full of the new firmware 2.2 reviews, but actually there are a few things I hate about the new iPhone.


Tags: firmware iphone itunes podcast

Comments: 8

Moving static content to CloudFront

18 Nov 2008 10:59

For the last couple of weeks we are thinking of ways to make faster, more responsive and more scalable. Personally I am fascinated with Amazon's web services, particularly :

I can see those services as a natural environment for future Wikidot hosting, but this is not exactly what I wanted to write about.


Today Amazon has announced another service, CloudFront — a damn easy to use Content Delivery Network.


Tags: amazon aws cdn cf cloudfront wikidot

Comments: 6