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Welcome to my blog — place for ideas, comments, interesting hacks and boring personal stuff. Enjoy!

Is this O.K. to attach ads to user-generated content?

24 Sep 2008 15:34

It's about free web services that earn money from ads placed on user-generated content pages. This is exactly how could earn money and how and thousands of others are generating their revenue. Some people have nothing against it, some would never use a service with such ads.


Tags: ads marketing monetization wikidot

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G1, powered by Android, is announced - move on

24 Sep 2008 07:16

Since I am a bit geek- and gadget-guy, I have been trying to follow the development of Android (the mobile platform by Google) since its announcement. Yesterday the first commercial phone, G1 by HTC, has been announced at a press conference by T-Mobile.

I did watch it live. But right after that I felt simply disappointed. You can watch it yourself. If you do not bother watching the whole video, a nice live blog is available by Gizmodo.


Tags: android gadget iphone phone t-mobile

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T-Mobile G1 Details Leak

23 Sep 2008 07:07

Today is the day that T-Mobile announces an iPhone-like phone, G1, powered by Google's Android — open source OS for mobile phones. Android itself is a very interesting, but quite a controversial project.

Anyway, without going into details of Android, I have just read unofficial leaks available now at TmoNews, also through TechCrunch and now dozens of blogs worldwide.


Tags: gadget iphone leaks mobile t-mobile

Comments: 14 in Poznań - impressions

21 Sep 2008 21:42

As many of you already know, Wikidot (the company) is based in Poland, Torun. And I really like going to various meetings, conferences and workshops organized locally. In fact, there are plenty of meetings related to "Web 2.0" and a lot has changed in the last 2 years here in Poland in the local Internet.

Anyway, on Saturday we decided to visit meeting in Poznań. Short summary? It was awesome. Clearly confirmed that the state of Internet in Poland more or less follows global trends.


Tags: barcamp meetings poland web2.0 wikidot

Comments: 2

Blogging... is nice

18 Sep 2008 14:37


Finally I have decided to start blogging. There are a few reasons: blogs are popular, a blog can be a place to publish my ideas and hopefully some people would read it and comment. A blog is something I have been missing for a long time — a lot of ideas come through my mind and without a single place to publish they are often lost either somewhere on forums, various websites, or even inside my own notebooks, never published on the net.


Tags: about blogging

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